VISIT TO THE NEURO-PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL OF NDERA BY TWO SENATORS OF THE SENATE SOCIAL AFFAIRS COMMISSION VISIT A delegation of two senators from the Senate Social Affairs Committee made a visit to the Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital of Ndera, in order to better understand the health and social policy of the hospital, and exchange their experiences with several personalities of the hospital, especially on patients with noncommunicable diseases.

The delegation was received by the director general of the hospital, Brother Charles Charles Nkubili. When they arrived, the senators visited the sick rooms, where the means implemented to ensure the care of the patients were presented to them. Then, they went to Home Saint Jules, where we find chronically ill abandoned by their families, who are taken care of by the Brothers of charity, and without forgetting the KUNDWA center, which is there very specially for the treatment. children. The two senators said they were impressed by the quality of care. At the end of the day, they then joined the multipurpose room, to chat a little, with the staff.

The senators were able to observe, during this visit, the living conditions of the patients, as well as the entire health environment. Finally, the Director of the hospital Charles Nkubili wanted, on the occasion of this day, to thank these members of Senat, by ensuring that there will always be collaboration between the hospital and the Social Affairs Commission of Senate.

Composition of the Delegation
Senator Gallican NIYONGIRA (The head of the delegation)

Senator Narcisse MUSABEYEZU.