At Ndera, our pharmacists work collaboratively with psychiatrists, neurologists and other physicians to coordinate psychiatric care for patients with mental illnesses or a combination of neurological disorders such as epilepsy, and mental disorders.

They actively strive to reduce the stigma attached with taking medication by dispelling myths that surround mental illness and medication and happy to answer questions that patients or family members might have about medication.

Pharmacists monitor potential adverse drug reactions and interactions when patients are prescribed multiple medications.

Ndera strives to provide our patients with modern medications whenever possible, such as using second generation antipsychotics for psychotic disorders, or SSRIs for depression which results in effectively treating mental health disorders while minimizing side effects from the medications.

At Icyizere Center, we specialize in treating addiction disorders as well as mental health disorders, and the pharmacy carries specialized medications which are useful in helping to reduce cravings and prevent relapse in the recovery process from alcohol, smoking and substance use.