Caraes Ndera Neuropsychiatric Hospital Laboratory service plays an essential role in determining clinical decisions and providing clinical information that help in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of mental health diseases, drug monitoring tests of its clients and others across the country and abroad. We offer different tests according to clinician needs related to the above mentioned domains.

The followings are tests that are offered by the laboratory service after prescription from physicians:

Toxicology/Drug of abuse and Therapeutic drug monitoring: Body Dosage of Depakine, Lithium, carbamazepine, cocaine, cannabinoids, Ethanol, Concentration

Liver function tests: (ALAT, ASAT, ALB,GT,

Renal function tests: (Urea,creatinine, Na+,k+

Endocrinology/Hormones: ( T3,T4, TSH, prolactine

Diabete Screening and related tests :( HbA1, Glucose, ferritin, Iron,) and body fat (Cholesterol, triglycerides

Brain damage and Cardiac tests ( S100, AFP,PSA markers, CK-MB, CK)

Testing different diseases like Hepatitis B, C,Malaria, HIV

Laboratory also involved in research testing activities

Hematology (WBC, Platelets & RBC count)

Microbiology (Urinalysis, Body swabs analysis)

For more information about tests, find attached lab request Form or call