Icyizere Center

Icyizere Center was created in 2003 to provide specialized mental health care and addiction treatment for those suffering from trauma and substance use disorders.The mental health unit accommodates 16 patients and the substance abuse unit can accommodate 11 patients.

The Center provides inpatient hospitalization, outpatient psychotherapy, psychiatric care and outpatient after care for mental health patients and those with addiction disorders.

The addiction program provides medical detoxification from alcohol and illegal substances such as marijuana and heroin. Many people with addiction problems also suffer from depression, anxiety or PTSD and need to be treated for both the addiction and mental health disorder.

Our staff at Icyizere help patients to understand the cause of their addiction, how to respond appropriately to triggers to reuse and how to prevent relapse when they leave the hospital. Many patients continue to work with our clinical psychologists on an outpatient basis to help them continue their mental health or addiction treatment.

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P.O. Box: 423 Kigali - Rwanda