Department of Administration and Finance

The Department of Administration and Finance works to provide quality services to Ndera Hospital's staff and visitors and continues to establish processes that will ensure accountability in the hospital's financial performance that will warrant the highest level of public confidence.

The department is headed by the Director of Administration and Finance assisted by the secretary; he supports the operations of other departments of Ndera Neuropsychiatric hospital.

The department ensures the effective administration, servicing of activities, implementation of auditors' recommendations and compliance of both ministerial instructions and financial regulations.

head of Departement Biography

Hakizimana Vedaste , MBA, MSDC is a Rwandan religious Brother in the International Congregation of the Brothers Charity Brother Vedaste holds a Master of Business Administration(MBA)
specializing in Financial management obtained at Catholic University of Eastern Africa (Kenya) and A Master of Social doctrine of the Church obtained at Pontifical Lateran University.

He is serving as a Director of the department of Administration and Finance at Ndera Neuropsychiatric Hospital since 2017.

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