Clinical Psychology

Caraes Ndera Hospital has a staff of 3 fulltime and 1 part-time.

clinical psychologists at the main hospital in Kigali, 5 at Icyizere Center and 2 at Caraes Ndera Hospital in Butare.

Clinical psychologists play an important role in the treatment process of our patients.

They provide psychological testing and psychoeducation on drug use and other related mental health topics, and individual, group, couples and family treatment for outpatients.

They provide psychotherapy, teach coping skills and educate patients and family members about specific mental health disorders or illnesses.

They also participate in multidisciplinary team meetings and help other professionals understand the psychological aspects to treatment.

The Clinical Psychology Department works with children and adolescents hospitalized at the Kundwa Center at Ndera Hospital as well as working with adults and families.

The psychologists treat people experiencing depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, addiction and psychotic disorders by using a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques, including CBT and motivational interviewing.

Children and adolescents are treated using play therapy, sand play therapy, CBT and projective techniques.