The Neuro-Psychiatric Caraes Ndera-Butare branch

New ward for improved Women

The Neuro-Psychiatric Caraes Ndera Butare branch located in the Southern province; Huye District, Ngoma Sector and Kabutare Cell.

Caraes Butare was created in 1978 by the congregation of the Brothers of Charity, as a branch of NPH Caraes Ndera in order to provide and decentralize neuro-psychiatric care to mental health patients living in the Southern province.

New building for reception and consultation

The hospital works in collaboration with the Rwandan government and benefits from the support the government provides in terms of human resources.The Brothers of Charity provide the infrastructure, equipment, consumables, medications and psychotherapeutic treatment for all branches of Caraes Ndera.

Caraes Ndera Butare hospital provides the following inpatient services:

  • -Acute care ward for men
  • -Acute care ward for women
  • -Improved ward for men
  • -Improved ward for women
  • -Consultation and prescription of medicine to outpatients and inpatients
  • -Clinical laboratory exams and electro-encephalogram exam (EEG)
  • -Hospitalization
  • -Neuro-psychiatric and general nursing care for inpatients
  • -Psychotherapy for inpatients and outpatients
  • -Occupational therapy
  • -Psychosocial reintegration
  • -Counseling and treatment in HIV/AIDS to patients with comorbidity of mental disorders.

For further information or if you would like to contact,


P.O. Box: 423 Kigali - Rwanda

Phone Number

+250 788 548 081